Professor Geoderocks also known as just "Geode" is a professor of an unknown subject at Tokyo Soul College. He once forced Samuel Gladiator to somehow "milk" his friend Dom Rao Dorito which was confusing considering how Male Humans cannot produce milk meaning that Dom could Lactate somehow. He eventually got a patch of Taurtis's hair which grew back. He plans to take over the world and gets weird stuff from his class such as blood, nails, skin, etc. He has chests at the back of the room though it's still unknown what they contain. He has said that Taurtis is the "chosen one…" Later on in the series. He used the DNA from Taurtis to make hundreds of replicas of him. He even injected himself with the Taurtis Cells and the briefly took over his face changing his eyes and skin tone. He held the antidote at his lair along with "Icky Sticky Taurtis Gloop" suspected to be "Essence of Taurtis" by fans. He possesses a bookshelf marked as "Human Knowledge" Implying that he is some sort of extraterrestrial or other unique life form. This is latter proved when he is spotted concperising with aliens to take over the world. Since then, Geode has not been seen doing any suspicious activity.

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Personal Information
Full Name Professor Geode-Rocks
Also Known As Professor Geode

ProfGeodeRocks DefinitelyNotGeode

Status Alive
Friend(s) -Taurtis 893
Enemy(ies) -Taurtis

-Señor Loro -Taurtis 4455 -Samuel Gladiator -Jerry (Failed/Deformed Taurtis Clone -"Good" Taurtis 69 -Taurtis00 (Taurissa Clone) -"Default" Taurtis 626 -Taurtis 24 -Taurtis 244 -Taurtis 446 -Taurtis 666

Love Interest(s) -Taurtis 793

-Taurtis 794

Physical Description
Gender Male
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Height 6'3
Weight 182lbs
First Appearance Tokyo Soul - CREEPY TEACHER! #5 (Minecraft Roleplay)