Logan,warning Sam bout the mansion

Personal info:



Age:Around 20

Quotes:”We need to find our soldiers”

Status: Deceased

Trivia:Played By Surlic

Story:He was the 1st-incommand for his group(Except Sam) and was known for the right handman of the “commander”.He was the man that breaches the Front hall and was the last man after Nick’s Infection.He was partnered up with Sam and Nick to search the levers in the right rooms.After finding the secret passage that was closed with bookshelves,Logan was later seen giving info to Jay with his radio while breaching the rooms.One sudden second later Logan got a radio about an intel From Jay that Marcus was gone.Logan than was given an order by Sam to tell Jay’s group to regroup.However it is too late they found Jay’s Head on the 2nd floor. Than later Logan and the remaining survivors keep finding the levers.While Sam was bragging that he saw “something” Nick found a secret Basement.

After a while Sam goes in first than Logan goes in however somehow the door was locked and Nick was infected by the mansion

Nick Standing in the mid room while nodding down... Nick than got startled and attack Sam and Logan shot his own men to death.The two remaining finally got all The levers and proceed to the room with passage cautiously.the passage than was unlocked and abit after the two goes there Logan was dragged by the mansion’s keeper and his head later was found in the chest by Sam and his head was wore by Sam until Sam escaped the mansion alone

Relationship: Edit

Sam: even though how sickening Sam was he was still loyal and respect him as a Commander

Nick:The two seems to go well with each other and always got each other’s back

Jay: Logan and Jay didn’t really interact that much but when Jay was in trouble Logan was worried sick about him

Marcus: Marcus and Logan didn’t talk to each other much except Logan agreeing to Marcus that there is something odd about the mansion however when Marcus and Jay was attacked Logan was worried