Toriel was an Anthropomorphic Nubian Goat. She was an Agriculture teacher at Tokyo-Soul Highschool. She actually had almost no knowledge of any sort of plant life. She just used her students to do her gardening at the Plaza and take out weeds. Eventually she was hunted down and killed by The Chupacabra. Señor Loro kept her death a secret and told everyone she just went on vacation to avoid panic and being sued by inspectors due to the High School having a very low budget.

Teacher Tori
Toriel by pbjam-d90gjk5
Personal Information
Full Name Teacher Toriel
Also Known As Teacher Tori
Age 7 Goat Years (54 Human Years)
Status Dead
Friend(s) Señor Loro

Jangus Lipperbottom

Enemy(ies) Chupacabra
Physical Description
Gender Female
Hair Color White (Fur)
Eye Color Red
Height 5'6
Weight 147lbs
First Appearance Tokyo Soul - TEACHER TORI! (Minecraft Roleplay)