Yakuza (ヤクザ?, [jaꜜkuza]), also known as gokudō (極道?), are members of transnational organized crime syndicates originating in Japan. The Japanese police, and media by request of the police, call them bōryokudan (暴力団?, "violent groups"), while the yakuza call themselves "ninkyō dantai" (任侠団体 or 仁侠団体?, "chivalrous organizations").

The yakuza are notorious for their strict codes of conduct and organized nature. They have a large presence in the Japanese media and operate internationally with an estimated 103,000 members.[2]

Divisions Edit

Yamaguchi-Gumi Edit

Led by Karu (Killed by Sam Gladiator) Edit

Managed By: Neo Naxet (Pardoned For Crimes after Arrest)


Yuki (Manipulated by Samuel Gladiator into a truce. Later Committed suicide to avoid capture from the Police) Edit
Jerry (Left Organization after regaining his memory) Edit
Grian (Left Organization after being told their true intentions by J) Edit
Samuel Gladiator (Left Organization after being told their true intentions by J) Edit

Sumiyoshi-Kai Edit

Led by Storm Form (Killed by Okami Artist) Edit


Sacred Redstone (Left the organization and with a fake ID, he managed to live peacefully. Was later killed by Mrs. Okami Artist) Edit
Marthy (Arrested Later pardoned for crimes and then killed by Dom Rao Dorito) Edit

Inagawa-kai Edit

Led by Galaxy Mettaton (Left Organization and immigrated to Florida. Later killed by Silly and Mrs. Okami Artist) Edit


Zita Art (Left the organization. Later joined up with Yuki but was killed by Taurtis) Edit
Star Finder (Accidentally killed by Taurtis trying to arrest him) Edit